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                  Polarized lens

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                  CR39 Polarized lens

                   Product Type:CR39 1.499 Polarized Lens Product Description:1)(73mm,75mm,80mm ) Base: 4.00,6.00,8.002)( gray brown purple pink blue yellow) with solid color and gradient color3)De-centered4)Power rang...


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                   Product Type:
                  CR39 1.499 Polarized Lens
                   Product Description:
                  1)(73mm,75mm,80mm )
                   Base: 4.00,6.00,8.00
                  2)( gray brown purple pink blue yellow) 
                  with solid color and gradient color
                  4)Power range:  (0. 00 ~ -6. 00 / -2. 00) with HC,HMC(AR)
                  5)Semi-finished lenses
                   BASE: 2.00, 4.00, 6.00, 8.00
                  6)Coating Features:
                   Uncoated, Hard Coated,Hard Multi Coated & EMI(AR)
                   Price Terms:
                   FOB, C&F, CIF
                   Produce Ability:
                   3,000 pairs / day
                   Payment Method:
                   Packing Description:
                  1)Lens envelopes:
                    white envelopes, 
                    your design envelopes, 
                    our design envelopes
                  2)Outer Carton Size: 48X48X30 cm 
                    Inner Box Size: 29X9X9 cm 
                    25 Inner boxes/ Carton

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